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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.


Thank you for attention.

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It's over, pidorashkas.

Stupid mocha deleted this thread and all valuable feedback that the esteemed users of this board have left (including butthurt of some, but not all pidorashkas). Mocha, don't do this again, you useless vandalizing creature.

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That feel when no Polish gf. ;-;

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Send tanks,ammo weapons to ukraine. Money better spent on making eu life better but no. Cucks will cuck.

My question is why russia does not use nukes or bioweapons to pulverize ukraine. Why not send bombers with napalms and cleanse ukraine?

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How do I become a Russian citizen?

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usa and china please dont kill our peasants, arigato

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Throw in your best memes.

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Post all kinds of cultural legends from your cunt.


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Lifeweb [0] >>
Anyone here play lifeweb? I want an invite so bad...played in 2015-2016 but it's invite only now

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.webm #4 [424] >>
Traditional webm thread
mp4's are also welcome
just video links are fine too

the previous one was there: >>33300 (OP)

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я хачу русский есть, я нужна помощь. плз помож меня за хуит русский.

запанье спасива. красный ночь

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Please give videos where Poles are angry and swearing.

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I recently picked up a girl who turned out to be Russian. We often talk about music and send each other links to different songs. Do you recommend any Russian music that stands out, but is so good that it's impossible not to hear it? Thanks for any suggestions, also russian music thread.

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Вообще не понимаю шизоуёбищность ципсоснявого копроскота по поводу немецких консервных банок.
Буквально Т-90М превосходит Леопард 2 по уровню защиты, по запасу хода, по калибру орудия, по износу ствола,
по оптике, по автоматизации, по модульной системе исполнения, внутренним системам управления, по низости профиля и массе(в сравнении с Леопардом 2 значительно снижает расход топлива на движение). Внутрянка Т90М - это сенсорное управление и координация с дроном и, отдельно для хохлопидорахи которая тут воняла, божественным стабилизатором ствола.

Так же экипаж Leopard 2 составляет 4 человека, вместо 3-х в Т90М. И знаете чем занимается 4-й в Леопарде? ЗАРЯЖАНИЕМ СТВОЛА, лмао. В Т90-М есть автомат автозаряжения.

Поясни, копроскот, почему ты такой тупой защекан так превозносишь консерву из 1979-го над новейшим Т-90 из моего 2007 2017г.?
Кроме всего прочего в России самый мощный и большой танковый завод в мире( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uralvagonzavod ). Который суммарно превосходит весь европейский ВПК. Т-90М в 2-3 раза по показателю "эффективность/стоимость". Оправдывайся, салопидораха.

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Boom [8] >>
...Okay. Johnny and his friends were burned alive in that tin can. Sad video.
Kornet - chief officer rank (lower officer rank) in the Russian Empire, a rank that existed in the cavalry in some countries from the XV to the beginning of the XX century.

But that's not what we're talking about now. We talking about the fact that Russian the anti-tank missile system "Kornet" easily kills "Abrams M1A2".

Tanks were a powerful and incredibly powerful aid at a time when the Russian Empire developed the world's first tank ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vezdekhod ), during World War I and early World War II. But are tanks so necessary in modern warfare? Is this the past stage of evolution, a niche that drones will finally replace these expensive and unsightly machines?
What do you think?

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Kek [14] >>
Retarded little pidor

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Has anyone in Russia seen the electric Buhanka yet?

Kind of funny how you skipped automatic transmission. And just went from manual transmission to electric veichles. Or do you have automatic cars in Russia?

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Why don't Russians watch more anime. It will make them happier.