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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.


Thank you for attention.

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Are Russians afraid to post illegal things on this website?

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Let the fireworks fly ma niggaz. Privet na tsimkent

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Is it true that the Finns want to join NATO?
I have always considered Finland to be a country that other countries should look up to, especially in foreign policy. After all, you lived for more than 40 years with USSR and 30 years with "bad Russia", having a huge land border, while remaining the safest country in the world, since you were one of the few who understood that uniting countries into a military bloc creates imbalance of power on the continent, and that the security of one country should not be built on the security of another.
And now you are joining this anti-Russian alliance, putting yourself and the people of Russia at even greater risk.
Do you understand that Russia does not threaten you? You have no reason for conflict.

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Hi! I want to share with you the info of a Peruvian Student currently in Perm (i'm not sure) who mocks the Russian Forces saying things like
"- Russian Men + Russian Women for me" "Thank you EEUU for killing Russian men" and more offensive things about Russian citizens...i'm sick of this man! something should be done about it. Maybe if you refer him to the Police....


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I wanted to ask Ukrainians what your people think of your countrymen who are now refugees in places like Poland. Especially what do they think of adult Ukrainian men here and women in general?
Are the men perceived as deserters/traitors/opportunists? Do you envy them for being in EU countries?

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Are you a good person, brother?

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Here is my girlfriend. I sent her my picture last year, look how happy she is.

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Финно-угров тред!
Шумбрат, братья. Финны, венгры, мордва, эстонцы, ингры, карелы, веспы, манты, ханси, йоржы, удмурты, все призываются в тред пообщаться о нашей культуре.

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Something is going down today.

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Hey, snow niggers, you guys are welcome on the tropical counterpart of your country.
Don't worry about russophobia, people in Latam treat foreigns as gods, even when they are from shitholes too as long as they have blue eyes. From what I know Hohols refugees are already living under better than the average Brazilian and everyone pities them.

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Hello fellow russian anons, how are you? hows war situation in Russia? Hows society mood in according to mogilisation? I hope you all are safe and you will be able to escape if they will come for you, please dont let yourself get killed in the name of Putins vision.

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>you are a pretender regional power

>you invade neighbors

>this is bad for business

>world power invades you

>destroys you


>comes back and destroys you harder


>offers no explanation

>you become completely insignificant

What would a current day occupation of a pretender regional power look like?

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I don´t understand Ukrainian but I am guessing the video commenter is not very pleased with Russians.

Article below in Spanish mentions that police is investigating various cases of Z graffiti painted in walls in the city of Barcelona.


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Did regular Russians have problems with Ukraine?

Many Russians tell how going to Ukraine was casual, many have relatives there and never had a problem. Nobody cared if they speak Russian or not.

So were all these problems created by state? Casually very large natural gas reserves were discovered before this "oppression of Russians" started. =)

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Will Russia use nuclear weapons?